Running & Investing: Dealing with Cramps

Muscle cramps are a runner’s nightmare. One moment you’re flying in your zone, and very next moment you’re hobbled in pain, your race goals goes down the drain. There can be many reasons for this situation: Dehydration or electrolyte loss Altered neuromuscular control because of fatigue Running at a faster pace relative to their current … More Running & Investing: Dealing with Cramps

Running & Investing : Delayed Gratification

Today, we’ve become increasingly captivated by experiences ( both tangible and intangible), that deliver instant gratification. In running , it translates to adding nutritional supplements to quickly- build endurance, boost strength, lose weight quickly, or buy a fancy GPS watch on day one. This might be done with the objective to boost performance even before … More Running & Investing : Delayed Gratification

Running & Investing  : Positive of negative split 

Eliud Kipchoge broke world marathon record at the Berlin marathon in September 2018 race. He followed a negative split strategy which means ……… he finished second half of the race faster than first half , a full 1 min 33 seconds faster! Indian middle distance runners, Jinson Johnson (1500 mtr) & Manjit Singh (800 mtr) … More Running & Investing  : Positive of negative split