Strong Core = Strong Engine

Who doesn’t need a strong core  for overall performance? A runner, automobile, student, doctor, working professional, your portfolio; the list goes on & on.

A strong engine is the core or essence of any performance. It acts as pillar or the base of any foundation, without which the engine can malfunction or become inefficient.

A runner simply cannot deliver best performance or do long distance running if  his/her core is not strong. One might be able to do short sprints; but that’s not what wealth creation is all about.

Wealth creation can be linked to running a marathon for which one needs a strong CORE.

While constructing a investment portfolio with strong CORE, one must ask:

  1. Does my investment matches my GOAL ?
  2. Is it in line with my TIME horizon ?
  3. What about my RISK appetite ?
  4. Am I DIVERSIFYING my investments ?
  5. Do I devote time to REVIEW my portfolio ?

Food for thought…..

( Content – Ajit Kaushal )

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