Running & Investing : Delayed Gratification

Today, we’ve become increasingly captivated by experiences ( both tangible and intangible), that deliver instant gratification. In running , it translates to adding nutritional supplements to quickly- build endurance, boost strength, lose weight quickly, or buy a fancy GPS watch on day one. This might be done with the objective to boost performance even before … More Running & Investing : Delayed Gratification

Running & Investing  : Positive of negative split 

Eliud Kipchoge broke world marathon record at the Berlin marathon in September 2018 race. He followed a negative split strategy which means ……… he finished second half of the race faster than first half , a full 1 min 33 seconds faster! Indian middle distance runners, Jinson Johnson (1500 mtr) & Manjit Singh (800 mtr) … More Running & Investing  : Positive of negative split 

Running & Investing : Dealing with Hills / Volatility 

Yes, incorporating hill running is a crucial aspect of preparing for a race. Hill running uses different set of muscles and helps recruit fast-twitch muscle fibers, improves leg turnover rate, and appears to help runners fight off central nervous system fatigue. Most importantly it helps to build mental strength and patience, which help runners to … More Running & Investing : Dealing with Hills / Volatility